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About YellOh!

Yelloh is an app that allows me to take advantage of exclusive offers and discounts wherever and whenever I find myself. YellOH! Has hundreds of businesses affiliated with my favorite brands to take advantage of the best price at the right time. The latest technology, the perfect gift, my favorite food or home shopping ... with yellOH! Enjoy and save at the same time.

We use the following technologies

ios android node
Stores +100

YellOH is a mobile app that allows clients get exclusive real time discounts while shopping in malls and retail stores in Costa Rica

Based on proximity sensors and geofencing / geolocation technology.

Technical Details

Native iOS and Android
Deep integration.
Due to the amount of images we build our own caching methodology in order to have a better usage of the 3G/4G internet connection.
Beacons integration for proximity detection.
Gimbal integration for geofencing/geolocation detection.
Server side technology:, NodeJS, Sails framework, Keymetrics, Push notification using NodeJS, load balancing, Amazon EC2, MongoDB + Amazon S3 in order to store all the information and resources, OAuth2 token based security.


Login with Facebook and Twitter + our own registration process.
Custom Analytics engine for realtime results.
Deep usage of Google Analytics.
Sharing via Facebook, Twitter and others.