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Rally Bus is known as the Uber of buses.

Mobile app Development

About Rally Bus

Rally is crowdpowered travel for the 21st century. Our technology connects you with other riders going to the same event or destination, then delivers high-end buses to get you there and back. Choose from preset trips or set up your own, then share your trip, invite friends, and relax...your ride is covered.

We use the following technologies


Rally Bus is a NYC based company that organizes and manages Crowd-Powered trips to events in the US. Every time a new event is created, one or more buses are assigned to such trip. In order to have control over the trip, the bus and the driver, Rally Bus provides an Android OS tablet to the driver for each route with the Rally Bus Ops app installed. When passengers board the buses they can either dial their boarding confirmation number (purchased online) or get the tablet to read the QR code in their smartphones and confirm their tickets as valid.

Technical Details

Native Android
GPS tracking via Wifi and embedded GPS
Map route drawing of each route
Custom login/logout functionality
QR code reading to board passengers
Ion/Volley to communicate with server’s endpoints
Ion to download image assets
Customized menus and action bars
Google Maps map display with location of bus stops
Custom layouts for different Orientations
“Locked” layouts for specific screen sizes
Sound notifications when successful/failed boarding
Custom keypad to enter boarding tickets
Usage and customization of various 3rd party libraries