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About PVtv

Founded in 2013, PVtv is the next generation multimedia platform that offers a unique solution to common communication challenges organizations face across industries. With over 45 years of combined experience between our founders, aggressive development began in early 2014 with guidance from customers, industry leaders, and universities. Our mission is to dramatically increase clients competitiveness and effectiveness by constantly innovating to provide a sustained advantage in four areas:
Best User Experience.
Solve Platform Complexity.
Video, Bandwidth, and File Size.
Valuable New Features.

We use the following technologies

react node js css html
Combined experience +45 years

E-Learning platform support and redesign.

The Challenge

Today’s users have high expectations for visually compelling online content from their consumer life and they expect the same at both work and school. Organizations have pursued an array of solutions, including videos websites, Youtube, webinar, screen sharing apps, MLS and SharePoint. The real problem they all face is similar: the combination of complexity, user experience, performance, and bandwidth prevent true multimedia.
Due to its capabilities, PVtv’s platform represents an appealing alternative to fill education and training needs for a wide variety of industries however legacy technology limitations makes it difficult to deploy the solution depending on the required devices, screen resolutions or client security policies.

The Solution

DNAMIC supported PVtv’s existing platform to help them overcome bugs related to their legacy technology integrating with client’s infrastructure. At the same time we gained technical specific knowledge and better business needs understanding. The resulting knowledge baseline allowed us to put together a team in order to plan, organize, and execute the new platform project including:
PVtv’s requirements.
Client requirements.
New platform UX/UI.
New platform prototype.
React and React Native architecture designed to improve cross platform efforts and user experience.
Quality Assurance.
Release schedule.

The Results

A brand new platform and user experience that makes it easy to create, securely deliver and manage engaging true multimedia based communications, marketing and training without video buffering or network gridlock using your existing IT and for dramatically lower cost.
Savings up to $250K.